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My Adventure to China

Ping Pong!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Today was our first full day out and it was very very busy. We just kept on moving and it was awesome! We went to a school today and played Ping Pong with some younger kids. I walked in thinking that this was going to simple. Boy was I wrong. Very very wrong! These kids were amazing! So talented and so skilled. They completely shattered all of my self-esteem in the Ping Pong department but that's okay, I had fun while they did it! After we played for a couple of minutes the Ping Pong Master stopped us for a demonstration. He brought up some kids and he showed us how it was done. Out of nowhere this little girl in a yellow t-shirt came up to the table (it seemed like she could barely see over it) and hit ball after ball over the net with so much force. I couldn't help but stand back in awe. Oh Boy. We continued playing and the kids were sweethearts. It was SO much fun and If I could do it over again I would in a heartbeat. Lack of Ping Pong Skill and all!


Changing Connections said...

It sounds like the big surprise early on this trip was the fun you had playing ping pong. Never let anyone or anything shatter your self esteem. We all have specialties; yours is simply not ping pong.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

Changing Connections said...

Did you have a chance to give the bracelets away yet? Would make a great post.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

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