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My Adventure to China

400 steps

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Today was another awesome day with Discovery Student Adventures! We left our hotel at 8:30 and headed to one of the thirteen temples in Chengde. On the way over we were told by our tour guide that there were 400 steps leading up to the Temple. You could hear the sighs on the bus "nooo". We weren't exactly thrilled, but we were ready to face the challenge!

Once we got off the bus the first thing that I noticed was the bright colors that was the Temple. I hadn't expected it to be so bright .Traditionally I thought that temples used simple colors, this one however was bright reds,blues and greens. As we continued towards the entrance I noticed the large group of visitors. I hadn't expected that as well. When we walked in the doors the first thing I noticed was the stairs....

As we began our climb all I could think about was not thinking about it. Katie and I chatted the whole up, which was helpful, because before I knew it 400 steps were over. The top of the temple was incredible. The view was amazing, we could see the city, the summer palace and the mini great wall. We noticed the gold shingles on the roof had been scratched on the first level. Mr.Harvey explained to us that people used to scratch the shingles in order to steal the gold.

As we began our decent I, along with others, praised the fact that going down stairs is easier than going up!

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Changing Connections said...

Ni hao, Maha,

The China Challenge is what this trip should be called. it is certainly an adventure, but I sense that at this point, a less demanding day would be welcomed. Your description of what you see and your attention to details is like an artist's sense of canvas; you bring a perspective to what you see and record it beautifully. I appreciate your photos in your posts; they bring alive your words and add a different dimension to what you write. Xiu xiu.

RJ Stangherlin
PA DEN Leadership Council Blog Coordinator

Karen Wells said...

Thanks for the photo. The red doors are gorgeous and they certainly bring home your informtion about the vivid colors. Just wondering...are the Chinese in better shape than Americans. I'm going to guess that they are. Karen Wells DSA South Africa

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